Our philosophy of financial planning is to gather adequate, reliable information about our clients? personal financial position; to determine the clients? goals and objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance; to analyse all of the foregoing information in an objective manner and to develop recommendations for them based upon this thorough analysis in the interest of rendering disinterested advice. In a personal financial planning engagement, we endeavour to consistently act in the interest of our clients and to place their interest ahead of our own. Moreover, we believe that a client should be both informed and proactively involved in their personal financial affairs. Accordingly, we believe in holding frequent meetings with our clients to educate them about the financial planning process and their own financial status.


We pride ourselves as investment professionals who help corporate, medium and small businesses, professionals, private entrepreneurs and individuals to set and achieve their long-term financial goals through investments, tax planning, asset allocation, risk management, retirement planning and estate planning.


It is in the client best interest to have a long-term financial strategy in place. We would, therefore, like to offer them our services in developing a thorough financial needs analysis, establishing personal and financial goals and future objectives. It will include a comprehensive analysis of existing provisions, preparing and presenting recommendations and solutions followed by implementation of a financial plan with regular reviews and monitoring.